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Precision Machine Fabrication provides full-service powder coating using our in-house painting facility so you can have a high-quality finish on all of your products. Read on to learn more about how our powder coating service can benefit your business.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a dry finishing painting technique that uses finely ground pigments and resins that adhere to a surface using an electric charge. It is then heated in a curing oven to bond the powder to the surface for a smooth and even finish.

Vehicle manufacturers, appliance makers, builders, and architects use powder coating for its durability and aesthetically pleasing properties. Powder coating brings out the best in thousands of consumer and industrial goods; some benefits of powder coating include diverse color selection, glossy shine, and enduring finish.

Many manufacturers turn to powder coating because it is more environmentally friendly than other methods of dry-finishing painting. Powder coating abstains from using any aerosols or toxins, making it a perfect choice for brands that are conscious of the environmental impacts of manufacturing.


Our Powder Coating Process

Powder coat painting is one of the final steps of the sheet metal manufacturing process. At Precision Machine Fabrication, we use a powder coat method of painting in which we spray the statically-charged powder onto metal and then bake it in large ovens until it cures.

Industrial powder coating protects parts from dings, chips, scratches, chemical damage, corrosion, and damage from UV light. Finely ground pigment powder clings to the metal with help from a static charge and creates an even and consistent coating. Finally, we cure the powder by baking it at over 400 degrees to finalize the protective layer.

Once the powder coating process is complete, the cosmetic parts will go on to be assembled into the final product. Powder coating is only for the parts we manufacture. We currently do not provide powder coating as a stand-alone service.


Closing Thoughts

Manufacturers across different industries use powder coat painting to bring the best out of their products. Powder coating protects auto parts and other products from chips, scratches, and damage from UV light. It is also non-toxic and more eco-friendly than other finishing methods.

If you’re looking to get a quote on our powder coating service or have any questions regarding the powder coating process, contact Precision Machine Fabrication today!

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