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Increasingly, over the past three decades, companies are opting to outsource their manufacturing operations overseas. We’re here to tell you that this option might not be the best one for you and your business. Although there can sometimes be benefits to outsourcing, ensuring that your products are manufactured in America has its benefits too.

American Metal Fabrication

At Precision Machine Fabrication, we manufacture top level metal products and multi-level subcomponents for our customers domestically from our Raleigh, NC facility. We pride ourselves on manufacturing products in the US and providing those key benefits that are unique to American manufacturing.

Here are six advantages associated with sourcing with an American manufacturer vs. outsourcing:

Easier Product Development

When you go with a manufacturing company that is located in the US, you have a direct link that isn’t present with outsourcing partners. That link makes it possible to make changes that can be implemented in days or weeks instead of months. This will of course, keep manufacturing timelines short and save money in the long run.

No Delay in Communications

Time zone differences can make it difficult and cumbersome to communicate effectively overseas. Often, you are limited to one phone call or email exchange per day. Then you have to wait 24 hours for a response, or else do business in the middle of the night. When you keep your operations in the US, you can alleviate those problems by creating and maintaining consistent lines of communication with your partners.

Avoid Additional Costs

Any savings gained by purchasing from a low-paid international labor force are often be offset by the costs of shipping, customs, and tariff charges. Additionally, the manpower needed to navigate these markets and their regulations can be an indirect expense.

Shorter Time-to-Market

Development, manufacturing, and shipment from overseas can take several months, costing many companies valuable time-to-market advantages, which can hit the bottom line hard. Additionally, customs and quality problems can require even more time. Our typical lead-time is between 4-6 weeks from receipt of order to delivery and we can often improve upon that timeline.

No Unexpected Surprises

American manufacturers are subjected to some of the strictest labor and safety regulations in the world. This ensures that your products are produced in a safe and ethical manner. Furthermore, PMF is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring that we have established and adhere to strict quality procedures in every aspect of our company. This guarantees that when your product arrives at your facility it will be right and you can feel good about how it was manufactured.

Supporting a Strong American Middle Class

Jobs in trades like metal fabrication receive less attention, funding, and training in our modern high school and community college systems than they did 30 years ago. But, these positions still offer viable access to the middle class for hundreds of thousands of America’s youth. Sourcing from an American manufacturer creates these good-paying, skilled careers in your own community.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless other ways that using American manufacturing companies can positively affect your project and overall business. To learn more about how Precision Machine Fabrication can help you keep your manufacturing projects in America, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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