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With advanced technology and expert processes, the Precision Machine Fabrication team is more than capable.

What Is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a process that involves using computer technology to direct a variety of advanced machines in the forming of metal pieces. Generally, CNC Machining is a term for a variety of machining applications, with “CNC” standing for Computer Numerical Controlled which refers to the programmable feature of the machine. While PMF has built its reputation fabricating sheet metal parts, we have also expanded our focus to include advanced CNC machining. Our machine shop has always included two manual milling machines and lathes, but years ago we added a Haas CNC mill to enhance our production capabilities.

The Haas VF-2SS high speed vertical machining center allows 3 axis automated milling of aluminum, stainless, and plastic. Sometimes customers’ assemblies require a combination of both fabricated and machined parts. Therefore, having the capability to provide both services in-house is a valuable resource to our customers.

The heart of our Punching/CNC Department lies in four state-of-the-art Amada machines as well as our 4,000 watt Mitsubishi CO2 laser. Our Vipros, Apelio, and EM2510 are capable of punching out shapes and creating special forms in up to 1/8″ thick steel.

Furthermore, we can laser cut up to 1/4″ thick steel with our 1,500 watt Amada Pulsar laser or up to 1″ thick steel with our 4,000 watt Mitsubishi laser. Almost all of our CNC machining technology can load and unload their own materials automatically, therefore allowing efficient, operator free, lights-out operation.

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