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Our Quality Policy:

PMF’s corporate management is fully dedicated to achieving a total quality program. To this end, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations of a top quality product that is competitively priced and delivered to their satisfaction.

Quality Control

In a contract manufacturing environment, strict quality processes are key. In order to ensure the quality of the finished product, jobs are inspected routinely throughout the manufacturing process. “First piece” inspection at the beginning of each phase of production, along with “in process” inspections and a documented final inspection, assure that our parts meet our customers’ close tolerance specifications, each and every time.

ISO Certification Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Achieving this certification means developing and following strict company-wide standards of operation that ensures consistency in every part of our business. Maintaining the certification requires the approval of outside inspectors at regular on-site audits of our procedures. This means that every facet of our company performs the way it should, time after time, and our customers can be assured that their job is being done right.

ISO Certification 2021

Romer Arm CMM

Our 6-Axis Romer CMM is advanced inspection technology. This portable and programmable piece of equipment measures within tolerances of +/-0.0001″. Along with the accompanying PC-DMS software, it allows our Quality team to measure true-position of features, perform GD&T measurements, and assists with PPAP completion.

Virtek Laser QC

This cutting-edge piece of equipment was acquired in an effort to further improve our quality and dependability. It uses a laser to scan a flat part before it is bent and compares it to the customer supplied CAD data to ensure that every single dimension is correct right from the start of the manufacturing process. This eliminates mistakes early on and assures quality down the line. PMF will continue to push the limits of what’s possible in an effort to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Quality Team

Steve Bell

Steve Bell

Quality Control Manager

Brandon Gurganus

Brandon Gurganus

Quality Inspector


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