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The Engineering Department at Precision Machine Fabrication is made up of experienced sheet metal engineers and fabricators. They are the driving force behind production. Every customer order starts, and is tracked through the manufacturing process, by this group. Working with an array of software, our engineers can import customer-supplied CAD files from almost any software on the market. Our sheet metal engineering team also frequently works one-on-one with customers to develop or enhance their design and point out any cost saving opportunities.

Sheet Metal Process Design and Engineering

Once a customer has supplied the proper design specifications and an order is placed, every phase of production is planned and tied to a specific job. Our E2 Shop Systems MRP software checks inventory and work in process before creating requirements for new sheet metal parts and raw materials. Then, a job traveler is printed which follows each job throughout production. This traveler contains a bar code corresponding to each step of manufacturing, which production team members use to clock onto and off of jobs. Our sheet metal engineers can access this information to track the status of jobs in process, and the time studies that result help to provide more accurate quoting. 

Paperless Documents

Computer workstations are located throughout the sheet metal shop. Here production team members can download the CNC programs and inspection files that our engineers created at the beginning of the process. We have also established a paperless e-file database that allows our sheet metal fabricators to access electronic drawing files of the part that they are making, directly from our network server. These drawing and program files are linked to the proper job, so they are available at the touch of a button.

Sheet Metal Engineering Team

Kenny Holley

Kenny Holley

Engineering Team Lead

Chuck Lewis

Chuck Lewis

Senior Engineer/Machine Tool Programmer

Dwayne McKnight

Dwayne McKnight

Bending Specialist/ Machine Tool Programmer

Lee Hatch

Lee Hatch

Engineering Project Manager

CAD/CAM Software Compatibility

Supported File Formats

  • .DXF / .DWG

  • .IGS / .IGES

  • .STP / .STEP

  • Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b)

Sheet Metal Engineering Consistency


Our experienced engineers, using top-of-the-line manufacturing software, orchestrate the complete synchronization of inventory with production and purchasing, as well as manufacturing with programming and data sets.

The consistency that this total interconnection creates greatly reduces problems with production and allows us to concentrate on quickly getting quality sheet metal parts to our customers.

Browse our metal fabrication parts gallery to learn more about the different types of metal fabrication work PMF has done over the years. If you have any questions about our manufacturing process or parts, please give us a call or request a custom sheet metal fabrication quote.


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