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Bringing your TIG and MIG projects together.

Does your metal fabrication project require welded assemblies to be held within precision tolerances? We can help with both MIG welding and TIG welding! Our MIG welding services adhere to the same exacting standards as our other manufacturing processes. Our experienced TIG welding service team is capable of bringing together even complex weldments and ensuring a quality finished product. Our MIG and TIG welding services will make your vision a reality! Send us a message for your MIG and TIG needs to get started.

What is MIG Welding?

MIG welding, on the other hand, is a shorthand way of describing metal inert gas welding. It is also referred to as gas metal arc and metal active gas welding in the industry. MIG welding services involve a technique that uses a consumable MIG wire electrode which forms an electric arc with a metal material. This arc heats the materials and causes melting, allowing for pieces to be joined and a weld to be completed. This is a highly efficient method that allows for large scale production at lower costs. It can additionally be used for a range of metal types and applications.

What is TIG Welding?

TIG welding stands for tungsten inert gas welding and is also known as gas tungsten arc welding. This type of arc welding utilizes a process involving a non-consumable tungsten electrode. In this case, the weld itself is protected from contamination by a shield of gas during the process. Since there are limited sparks and fumes, this works to produce a clean and high-quality finished product. Some of the other benefits of using TIG welding services are the ability to work on many different metal materials in a variety of ways.

MIG vs TIG Welding

TIG and MIG welding are similar in a number of ways but there are also some key differences to be aware of. The primary difference between MIG and TIG welding is that MIG welding melts the materials to form a weld while TIG welding works to fuse two metals directly together. The former is typically a superior solution for heavy-duty welds involving thicker metals while the latter is the best option for welding thinner materials in a cost-effective manner. When it comes to TIG vs MIG welding, the best choice depends entirely on the specifications of the project at hand.

MIG and TIG Welding Services

If a sheet metal part requires welding services, PMF is more than capable of filling that need. We are equipped with 2 spot welding stations and we also employ traditional welders who are experienced in both TIG and MIG welding practices. In addition, in an effort to lessen the cost associated with welding large quantity orders, we utilize a robotic welder, capable of precision welding long runs. This allows us to increase overall efficiency so we can get the job done for you at the best price. You can count on our professional MIG and TIG welders to provide the highest quality workmanship as we never cut corners when it comes to our work.

TIG Welding you can count on

Today many of our customers look to outsource more assembly work than ever. Therefore, quality welding is imperative, as it is typically the foundation of those more complex units. Consequently, we ensure that our TIG welders have the best equipment and the experience needed to work within the close tolerances that our customers demand. This way your project will always turn out the way you envisioned it. Our MIG and TIG welding services are held to high standards with welders who are highly trained and specialize in attention to detail so you can trust that everything will be done exactly to your specifications. There is no such thing as guesswork when it comes to our welding!

Contact us now to learn more about our sheet metal welding services and how we can help you get your project underway. We provide welding services in Raleigh, NC and beyond!

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