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General FAQs

What are your hours?

Our normal business hours are 7:00am-5:00pm (eastern) M-F

Our receiving hours are 7:00am-8:00pm (eastern) M-F

What types of material do you work with?

We have the capability to work with many grades of aluminum, carbon steel, stainless, coated metals (galvanized, galvalume, aluminized, and pre-painted), copper, brass, and certain plastics.

What's the thickest material you can cut?

  • Carbon steel: 3/4″
  • Stainless: 1/2″
  • Aluminum: 3/8″

What are your maximum part sizes?

Our punching and laser equipment can handle up to a 48″x 120″ sheet, so we can cut or punch anything under that blank size.

Our longest press brakes are 10ft, so we are capable of bending any flange up to that length.

What type of CAD files can you accept?

We have licenses of Solidworks 2014, Pro-Engineer Creo, Techsoft CAD-CAM programming software, and Cadkey.

We can work with the following file types:

  • .dxf
  • .igs
  • .stp
  • (sometimes drawings on a napkin are also a possibility)

What types of products does PMF manufacture?

We fabricate parts, assemblies, and chassis for the commercial, electronics, computer, communications, medical, home appliance, retail, industrial, and power-management industries.

What quantity do you run on the average job?

In general, we find that we are most cost-effective when running medium to large quantities. A medium job would be around 50-500 parts per order. Anything more than 500 would be considered a large run.

Does PMF do sheet metal prototype work?

Yes, we often work with customers throughout the prototype phase and offer suggestions to contain costs and reduce manufacturing time. By its nature, however, we find prototype work to be expensive to run and the required ultra-short delivery requirements are often disruptive to our normal production schedule. Therefore, we try to focus our efforts on these types of development projects when we will be favored with production orders once the design is finalized.

What is considered a normal lead time?

You should allow for at least 4 to 5 weeks to complete your parts, depending on the complexity of the project and our current workload. On larger BOM’s (Bill of Material) the lead-time may increase due to sourced components and their associated leads.

What about quick-turnaround projects?

PMF offers rush service and an additional expedite fee may be required. For details call 919-231-8648 or e-mail our Business Development Team.

Do you have any industry certifications?

Yes, Precision Machine Fabrication is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Does PMF offer credit terms?

Yes, (upon credit approval) our standard offered terms are Net 30. Due to the time constraints of the credit-approval process, we may require that an initial order be paid COD. This is determined on a case-by-case basis. Once you place an initial purchase order, we will email you the appropriate documents to initiate the process for establishing terms with PMF.

Does PMF manufacture architectural sheet metal?

Not generally, but we have done various specialty jobs in the past. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Does PMF do custom duct-work for the heating and air conditioning (HVAC) industry?

No, while the manufacturing processes between a fabricator and an HVAC shop are similar, the business models are different. Therefore, we do not manufacture parts for this industry.

Does Precision Machine Fabrication take on residential work?

Unfortunately, we do not cater to residential work.

Equipment List


  • 52″ 10 GA Wysong w/ back gauge
  • 10′-1/4″ Wysong w/ auto-back gauge

Bending & Forming

  • 55 Ton 8’ DiAcro (with Automatic back gauge)
  • 80 Ton Amada RG80 (with NC9-EX back gauge) (x3)
  • 100 Ton Amada RG100 (with NC9-EX back gauge)
  • 138 Ton FBD III- 1030NT (EXP)
  • 143 Ton Amada HDS 1303NT w/10 ft  bed (x3)
  • Amada WFN150 Work Follower (330 lb capacity)
  • 3’ Chicago Hand Brake
  • 2’ DiAcro Hand Brake


  • 9” Timesavers Deburring Sander
  • 36” Cemco  2000, 36” Deburring Sander
  • Deburring Edger
  • Tumbling Barrel
  • Empire Sandblaster 36 X 48 All Pro Finisher
  • Misc Belt Grinders
  • Misc Hand Buffers

Inspection Equipment

  • ROMER Infinite 2.0 2.4m (8′) six axis portable arm
  • MiniTab Software v. 15
  • Virtek Laser QC
  • Slipstick Modem 2400 80” Digital Scale
  • 18” Height Gauge
  • 24” Height Gauge
  • Starret 36 X 24 Inspection Grade Surface Plate
  • 6”, 8”, 12”, and 24” Dial Calipers
  • 40” Vernier Calipers
  • Complete Set of Micrometers (0”-4”)
  • Complete Set of Pin Gauges
  • Complete Set of Gauge Blocks
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Paint Adhesion Tester
  • Coating Thickness Meter
  • Gloss Meter


  • Amada EM2510 NT Electric Turret Punch with CL510 load/ unload shuttle system
  • Amada Apelio II 2510V Punch/Laser Combination; 2,000 Watt laser with MP1530 load/ unload shuttle system
  • Amada Vipros 358 punching cell with LA 410H loader and UL 410H unload pass-through system
  • Amada Pega 344Q CNC Fabricator with Auto Index
  • Amada SP30 Single-Station Punch
  • Strippit 30/30 Manual Fabricator


  • Haas VF2 SS Machining Center
  • Lagun Vertical Milling Machine w/ Digital readout
  • Webb Vertical Milling Machine w/ Digital readout
  • Alliant Milling Machine w/ digital readout
  • Clausing – Colchester 15” Lathe w/ Digital readout and multiple attachments
  • Goodway 14” Lathe
  • Chevalier II FSG-18 Surface Grinder w/ mag. chuck
  • Clausing Drill Press
  • Rockwell Drill Press
  • Speedycut ST-O Automatic Tapping Machine
  • Amada Toga Tool Sharpener

Paint Facility

  • 8’x8’x6’ Paint Booths (2)
  • 6’x12’x7’ Michigan Gas Fired Oven
  • 12’x10’x28’ Production Systems Gas Fired Oven
  • 5 Tank Cleaning Process
  • Ransburg GEMA Power Paint Guns (2)
  • Wagner E58 Power Paint Guns
  • Nordson Versa Spray Powder Paint Guns (2)
  • Silkscreen Layout & Printing
  • Experience Specializing in Baking Enamels (Smooth and Texture)
  • Powder Paint and Silk-screening


  • Mitsubishi 3015LVP 4,000 Watt Laser w/ 8-shelf automated loading tower & 2-shelf shuttle unload
  • Amada Apelio III 2510V Punch/Laser Combination; 2,000 Watt laser with MP1530 load/ unload shuttle system
  • Amada 2415 Lasmac Laser 1500 Watt


  • Miller Syncrowave 250 Tig Welder (Total of 3)
  • Miller Syncrowave 300 Tig and Stick Welder
  • Miller Syncrowave 250 DX Tig Welder (Total of 3)
  • Miller Millermatic 252 Mig Welder (Total of 3)
  • Miller CP-302 Mig Welder
  • Miller Matic 140 Auto Set (2 Total)
  • Powermax 65 Plasma Cutter
  • Oxygen/Acetylene Cutting & Brazing Torch
  • CAP-30 Studwelder
  • Lors 150 KVA Spot Welder w/ Entron Control
  • Lors 40 KVA Spot Welder w/ Ultra Welding Control
  • Federal 40 KVA Spot Welder w/ Entron EN 1000 Control
  • Motoman MRC Industrial Robot Welder model: SK16-6 w/ Motoman RM2-250SE2 (Jig Turret) w/ Daihen Corporation – OTC Turbo Pulse 350 DF (Interface for Welding Robot) model: E-1984


  • 12” Abrasive Cutoff Saw
  • Verticut Roll-in Saw
  • HE&M Band Saw Model #H90A w/ Auto Feed
  • 50 Ton Geka Hydracrop 50/s Iron Worker
  • Pemserter (2)
  • DiAcro No.1 A Rod Bencher
  • DiAcro 2’ Hand Roller
  • Lucifer 9” x 9” Heat Treat Oven
  • Autosert Auto Feed Insertion Tool AS-7.5
  • Chicago Riveter

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