Metal Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting services focus on precision.

The first step in our sheet metal manufacturing process is to punch out any interior holes, forms, and extrusions, as well as to cut the flat part out of the sheet. At this stage of the metal cutting service, precision is especially relevant because it ensures the quality of the finished product. Learn more about our laser cutting service today!


The heart of our Punching/CNC Department lies in four state-of-the-art Amada machines as well as our 4,000 watt Mitsubishi CO2 laser. Our Vipros, Apelio, and EM2510 are capable of punching out shapes and creating special forms in up to 1/8″ thick steel.

Furthermore, our CNC machine shop can laser cut up to 1/4″ thick steel with our 1,500 watt Amada Pulsar laser or up to 1″ thick steel with our 4,000 watt Mitsubishi laser. Almost all of our CNC punching equipment can load and unload their own material automatically, therefore allowing efficient, operator free, lights-out operation.

All of the cutting and punching at PMF is done in our Computer Numeric Control (CNC) department. A laser head performs precise cuts and a punch turret handles all the CNC punching duties. As this equipment is fully automated, it is capable of punching, cutting, loading, and unloading all night long to maximize efficiency. Furthermore, our nesting software enables us to process dissimilar parts on the same sheet, minimizing cost and reducing waste.

Contact us now to learn more about our sheet metal cutting services and how we can help you get your project underway!

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