Sheet Metal Bending

Here at Precision Metal Fabrication, we are more than capable of taking on sheet metal bending projects. Our bending specialists are experts who know what it takes to get the job done right. Using state of the art equipment and machinery we can make your vision into a reality. Explore out sheet metal bending capabilities today!

Bending specialist uses sheet metal bending tools.
Bending specialist uses a sheet metal bending machine.

Contact us for any of your future sheet metal bending needs. Our bending specialists are ready to take on your next project and you can count on us to exceed expectations. Call us at 919.231.8648 or send us a message today to get started!

Sheet Metal Bending Services

After a sheet metal part is punched or laser cut it often then moves to the Press Brake Department to be formed and bent. PMF is fully stocked in this department as well, currently fielding 8 machines. Our wide array of brakes range from a small 17 ton Diacro for light duty work all the way up to a 125 ton Amada for large jobs.

In 2013 we added 3 new Amada HDS press brakes to our facility. Along with Amada programming software, these machines allow us to pre-program our bending operations through our engineering department, similar to our process for CNC punching and laser cutting. Doing this cuts our overall setup time by 70% and allows us to perfect and test the bending process in a CAD environment prior to a job even hitting the floor.

More important than the equipment in the press brake department, however, is the experience behind it. PMF is fortunate to employ some of the best sheet metal bending operators in the business. Several of our top employees have been with us for over 15 years. While other process have become more automated over time, running a press brake remains, largely, a skill. You can rest assured that no one is more skilled at forming your sheet metal parts than the operators at PMF.

Handy Stands

These sanitation stations are a prime example of PMF’s sheet metal bending capabilities. Each of these American made products is produced in Raleigh, NC by metal bending experts. These stands are portable and adjustable. Each model can hold various sized soap and sanitizer bottles from 12 ounces all the way to one gallon. Learn more about Handy Stands today!

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