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Here at Precision Machine Fabrication, we care about the future of our planet and strive to lessen our impact where we can. As a part of our company-wide green initiative, we are excited to announce that PMF has taken a significant step toward reducing our carbon footprint by investing in energy efficient lighting.

Energy-efficient lighting, like the LED lights we are investing in for our warehouse and manufacturing facility, are long-lasting, effective, and proven to boost team efficiency. Through a partnership program with Duke Energy, we have replaced all of the lights in our 60,000 square foot warehouse with high-efficiency LEDs. These new fixtures use less than 1/3 the power of our old HID high-bay fixtures while giving off more light per unit! They also last 10+ years, reducing our maintenance costs and improving the work environment for our team for years to come.

With these new initiatives, we are trying to tackle environmental sustainability issues in the metal fabrication industry. As a company, we are striving to rely less on water, hazardous chemicals, and to reduce our energy consumption to better our environment.


Key Benefits of a Greener Facility:

There is a boost in recycled material use, making the company less reliant on raw materials.

With green initiatives in place, there is less waste produced over time.

Warehouses can conserve energy and redistribute it to other areas of the manufacturing process.

Establishing a green work environment and utilizing renewable resources and energy conservation measures is one of our top priorities. Green metal fabrication is the way of the future, and we are committed to implementing those principles into our operations.

In 2020 we are moving forward with an initiative to replace all existing lighting in our primary 40,000 square ft manufacturing building with LED bulbs. This project will be completed in February of 2020 by The John Riley Group.

According to estimates in the technical proposal for this project, replacing these lights will save 161,635 kilowatts annually. This is equal to a reduction of 242,452 lbs of carbon dioxide, 2,635 lbs of sulphur dioxide, and 900 lbs of nitrogen oxides.

Fast Facts About Energy Efficiency:

This lighting update is equivalent to:

Planting 33 acres of trees

Removing 16 cars from the road

The amount of energy produced by 14,694 gallons of gasoline

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