Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Here at PMF, we work with a large variety of industries including the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Our expertise in metal fabrication ensures that critical pieces of medical equipment are produced to the exact specifications that are required. We take the quality of our work seriously, especially when it comes to developing the tools used to treat patients.

We have experience fabricating components for devices in the following fields:

  • Medical devices

  • Medical testing equipment

  • Hospital equipment

  • Pharmaceutical equipment & automation

  • Commercial sterilization equipment

Our Medical Device Manufacturing Work

For this point-of-use blood analysis testing unit we fabricated the outer casing of the unit itself. As you can see below we created this component to house the inner workings of the device.

Pharmacy Automation


We have also worked on pill-dispensing machines used in pharmacies. We fabricated the frame and outer metal panels of this smaller sized piece of pharmacy equipment.

Assemblies and Subcomponents


In addition, we create several sub-assemblies and individual components for this larger pill dispensing machine. As you can see, we can tackle projects that are both large and small no matter how specific the need may be.



For this welded sub-assembly, we fabricate the hopper that holds pill bottle caps. We are experts in a broad range of fabrication capabilities and can provide professional services for any type of medical device manufacturing project.

Additionally, we are currently working with a start-up company focused on commercial sanitation. Their system aims to sterilize entire rooms within an hour by fogging the area with a proprietary liquid solution. For this project, we will fabricate the fogging units themselves as well as the liquid-dispensing kiosks. This type of system can be used to completely sterilize a wide variety of commercial spaces including hospital rooms, schools, corporate offices, and public transportation.

We are excited to be partners in all of these critically necessary fields.

Please contact us today for help with your pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing project!

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