Sheet Metal Assembly

Our sheet metal assembly team is more than capable.


Sheet Metal Assembly

Since cosmetic parts often require finishing before final delivery to the customer, here at PMF we have our own in-house paint facility. We use a powder coat method of painting in which we spray statically-charged powder onto metal , then bake it in large ovens until cured. Powder paint is sold in almost any color and texture and the dry paint method is much cleaner than wet paint, eliminating problems like runs and drips.

Often our parts are shipped to the customer to be assembled into the final product. However, if a customer desires a more complete product when it arrives on their floor, we have the capability to perform electro-mechanical assembly at any level- from basic to complex. Finally, we can even perform product testing to ensure that the final assembly is working properly before it leaves our facility.

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Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Basic Assembly Operation

Large Welded Frames

Complex Bend and Weld

Detailed Weld

Customized Welded & Assembled Cabinets

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