In December of 1978 two City of Raleigh firefighters started a small company out of a rented storage space to fabricate close-tolerance custom metal parts for a wide range of industries. This December, now 40 years later, we gathered together to celebrate this milestone and to show appreciation to those who have made the success of our company possible.

The event recognized current staff who make this business thrive, retired employees who are still part of this professional family, valued customers who have kept PMF strong within the industry, and our Owner/CEO Gene Richardson for the opportunities that he has given so many people throughout this 40 year journey!

We’d like to thank all of our employees (past and present) as well as our customers, vendors, friends, and families for their contributions to our success. We feel very blessed to be able to celebrate 40 years of service as an American manufacturing company. We are excited for the future as we begin our next 40 years!

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